Welcome to the Augusta Exchange Club

The Augusta Exchange Club was formed in 1923 when a group of individuals had the desire to utilize their time in ways which they could collectively benefit their community. The primary focus was to “accomplish something worthwhile for our city, our state, and our country…. We want to help the boys and girls of Augusta and the delinquent and neglected child.”
In order to reach the goals which they established in that year (1923), they organized an agricultural fair for the City of Augusta. The fair was introduced with a huge parade on Broad Street. It ran for seven days, generated some money, and immediately distributed those funds to charities in the community. Everyone had a great time and the entire community benefited, especially the youth in the area. This is the continued focus of the Augusta Exchange Club.


2017 Augusta Exchange Club Andrew Award:
Tom Fitzpatrick

(L-R) Augusta Exchange Club President Ken Hardy, Tom Fitzpatrick and Joe Taylor


The Augusta Exchange Club is proud to announce the 2017 Andrew Award recipient, Mr. Tom Fitzpatrick.
Tom exhibits many of the qualities of the namesake of this award, Andrew , brother of Simon Peter from The Bible. It is Tom’s ability to accept the responsibility of leadership and labor in anonymity that makes Tom an excellent recipient for this award.
The purpose of the Andrew Award is to recognize and bring honor to those who labor silently in the vineyard of Exchange and the many things the club does in our community.
Tom’s service to the Augusta Exchange Club exemplifies the life and style of Andrew and we are proud to present him this award for all to know our appreciation for all those he represents.